Technical Assistance

Business Innovation Program (BIP) establishes statewide cohorts of minority entrepreneurs who engage in training, technical assistance, peer mentoring, and coaching to mitigate common barriers to small business success.

For Business Owners

The BIP and its curricula strengthen key aspects of small business development and management by focusing on business planning, organization and management, basic legal and accounting practices, digital marketing and e-commerce, traditional and innovative access to capital methodologies; in addition, as applicable, it gives clients insight into and guidance on government contracting and procurement and human resources practices.

LCCF understands that the needs of minority business owners are as varied as the business owners themselves. While the BIP model of technical assistance is not a one size fits all solution to mitigating common barriers to minority small business success, it does lay the kind of solid foundation that successful businesses need to build on.

LCCF makes every effort to help business owners be well aware of business trends and best practices at every stage of their business development.

How to apply

If you’re interested in having technical assistance training for your business, click the link and fill out in its entirety LCCF INTAKE. A team member will respond within three (3) business days to assess your needs. We welcome the opportunity to help you grow your business!

LCCF Intake Form