Clean Energy


At the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce Foundation (LCCF), we understand the importance of providing clean energy business opportunities to small and minority businesses in underserved communities. Together we can create quality, high-paying jobs that preserve our state’s natural habitat while driving our economy forward. LCCF values partnerships with national, private businesses and public agencies that focus on the inclusion of the local business community, including certified DBE, Women, Minority and Veteran-Owned businesses. We are a resource for small business to identify procurement opportunities, receive technical assistance or facilitate industry focused meetings that help to build their business capacity and sustainability.  

Partnering For Success

LCCF is currently working with the LEMOINE’s Outreach & Opportunity Program (LOOP) by providing community outreach and technical assistance to businesses across Louisiana. There are various opportunities for local business participation, some in industries that require additional certifications and others that are closely aligned with skills used in the oil & gas, and maritime industries. Additionally, there are professional services and general labors needs for services that help to restore the site to its natural environment. 

Businesses interested in learning more about the opportunities to participate can reach out directly by completing our business survey. A member from our team will contact those interested and provide information regarding the current and future project needs.

GOOD for our environment & your business’ bottom line

The federal government is providing Louisiana with over $100 million dollars through 2030 to plug its 4,300 orphaned wells.  Over 600 have been plugged in the past year, leaving more than 3000 thousand left to plug – providing plenty of opportunities for small minority owned business to get involved. 

The demand for skilled well plugging service providers in Louisiana isn’t going away any time soon. There are approximately 17,000 additional inactive wells across the state that are no longer producing, and tens of thousands more low-producing wells approaching the end of their economic life that will all need to be properly plugged and abandoned soon. 

DID YOU KNOW? Orphan wells that are left unplugged will not only leak oil and gas and associated dangerous chemicals, but they will also contaminate our water, pollute our air, and create unnecessary hazards for our people and natural habitat.

“LEMOINE has truly found a dependable community partner in the LCCF. We are confident in their ability to provide industry leading guidance in the areas of clean energy as well small, local, and DBE business opportunities.” – Tyler Duhon, Senior Project Manager – Resiliency at The Lemoine Company, LLC

Complete The Survey

If you’re interested in having technical assistance training for your business, click the link and fill out in its entirety LCCF INTAKE. A team member will respond within three (3) business days to assess your needs. We welcome the opportunity to help you grow your business!

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