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Today, the White House
Office of Public Engagement and National Economic
Council hosted the U.S. Black Chambers, Inc.
(USBC) to discuss Bidenomics, the President's plan
to grow the economy from the middle out and the
bottom up, including efforts to expand economic
access and opportunity for Black communities.
During the meeting, President Biden stopped by for a
surprise visit to thank the group of over 80 leaders
for their continued partnership. He went on to
highlight historic changes in the economic direction
of our country, including unprecedented job creation,
the lowest Black unemployment rate on record and
the highest Black labor force participation rate since
August 2008.

The President emphasized that, despite the progress
being made, there is still work to be done to ensure
equitable growth and wealth creation for
communities of color.

Biden-Harris Administration officials followed up by
emphasizing the Administration's commitment to
creating and promoting sustainable economic
growth and inclusive wealth building. They also
provided updates on efforts to advance access to
capital, increase government contracting for Black
entrepreneurs and continue implementation of the
President's equity policy agenda.